The Rest of the Gospel, Leader's Guide

The Rest Of The Gospel: Study Guide

David Gregory, the author of The Rest of The Gospel, wanted to make Dan’s Stone’s teaching available to the body of Christ because it was the best teaching on the believer's union with Christ and what that meant for a daily life of faith. The book has been used by God all over the world to open the eyes of God’s people to see the reality of the abundant life that Jesus promised. A life that actually leads the child of God into His rest!

The author David Gregory says, “Finally after these many years Bob Allen has added the one missing piece to The Rest of The Gospel project: a comprehensive study guide. Meticulous in its truthfulness to the original book, and uplifting and thought provoking in its content, this guide is an invaluable resource both for personal and group study. My great thanks to Bob for his labor of love in putting this together. I can’t imagine a better companion to the book.”

Author: Bobby Allen
Publisher: Bobby Allen
ISBN: BobbyAllen3