Old Beliefs vs New Beliefs


Old Beliefs vs New Beliefs
Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

This 8.5x11 spiral bound book is a revised and expanded edition of the Old Beliefs vs New Beliefs workbook which has been used for years by counselors and individuals. This new edition has been designed for use also as a weekly study for small groups. Reviews from small group leaders have been overwhelmingly positive and exciting as they report that lives are being changed from the study.

Part 1, Old Beliefs vs New Beliefs

Part 1 begins with the topic “False Beliefs vs Truth”. As born-again believers, we all deal with difficulties in our daily lives and relationships. We can wind up feeling disappointed, tired, depressed, fearful, angry or even unforgiving. There is often confusion and misunderstanding regarding why we seem to be controlled by our circumstances and emotions.

The source of our struggles could be something that we might not suspect. As the title of the workbook indicates, we need to explore how our belief system – our thinking – might be involved in our dilemmas. Once we are born again, we can still think according to our "pre-salvation" state. We can think much like we've always thought. We can make decisions based on the way we've always made decisions. We can respond to people like we've always responded. And we can think of ourselves as we've always thought of ourselves.

It's time for a new way of thinking: a belief system that reflects our new nature in Christ and the Truth that is contained in Scripture. We need to "re-train" our mind (our heart). It is called being transformed. And that is done by the renewing of our minds. We frequently are not aware that our thoughts and attitudes are wrong. Our old beliefs can often seem so right and acceptable, and we don’t realize they are keeping us defeated. They can be the “terrorists” in our lives. And we must “capture the terrorists”. But first, it will be helpful if we can begin to identify some of our incorrect ways of thinking.

There is a table presenting False Beliefs vs Truth. It is a table of typical wrong beliefs about how we expect needs and longings to be met in life. They are contrasted with Scriptural Truth. As one reads through the chart, he/she may mark the False Beliefs that pertain to him/her and compare each with the Truth. After identifying old false beliefs, there are additional tools and further information that will help in learning how to apply the Truth in ones daily circumstances.

Topics include truths about God’s love, our new nature, who we are in Christ, an overview of the problem and the solution, accepting God’s love & my righteousness in Him, the purpose of trials, what surrendering ourselves to God means in daily life, addressing anger and forgiveness, what abiding in Christ means, and renewing the mind.

Part 2, The Ultimate Intention

Part 2 expands one’s understanding of the things learned in Part 1. It explains more fully the mind-set (attitude) with which those things learned must be practiced (lived out). Part 2 shows that putting on this mind-set is one’s obedience of faith, and it is being diligent to grow and mature in Christ. This is when Jesus is revealed in us and we are known as His disciples, and it is when we partake of the inheritance that is already ours in Him. It is when our soul delights in knowing God.

When we choose to believe and trust God’s promises, His goodness, and His indwelling Life, we can practice (live out) those things we learned in Part 1. Even though the road may be difficult at times, it is by the power of Christ in us that we can persevere and possess our gifts from God.

Author: Anne Trippe
Publisher: Anne Trippe
ISBN: 001trippe