A Model For Marriage Counseling

A Model For Marriage Counseling

This spiral bound 8.5x11 book is reference material for Christ-as-Life or Grace-Life counselors / mentors who teach the message of the Cross of Christ and the believer’s union with Him, and who wish to mentor couples.

A professional license is not required to utilize the principles in this book; however, you must refer to the license requirements of your home state to know how you will be able to designate yourself to others. Care must be taken in referring to one’s self as “counselor” unless one is licensed. Today preferred titles are “mentor”, “coach”, “discipler”, etc. Those who use this book should have some training in Grace Life principles and mentoring.

A Model For Marriage Counseling shows mentors how to help each individual in the couple relationship identify and “own” his/her unique version of flesh and to see how it is lived out in the marriage. Then the book shows how to help counselees understand their union with Christ and then guide them into His Life being lived out within their particular relational situation.

A Model For Marriage Counseling also addresses specific problematic issues such as Spouse Abuse, Step-families, Infidelity, Power Struggles in Marriage, Co-dependency, Receiving the Spouse, and much more. This reference material also addresses total surrender and what it might look-like for Christ to be lived out in specific circumstances. Certain skill-sets are outlined in this book. They include:
• Facilitating and staying on track with a certain counseling process
• Guidelines for the counselor and couple
• Circular Questioning and questions to help each spouse see and “own” his/her problem and understand the other’s perspective
• Criticism of the mate as related to unmet needs
• Teaching identity in Christ
• Teaching the “why” in adversity in marriage
• Coaching surrender, forgiveness, and renewing the mind with guidance as to how this might be lived out in their relationship.

Author: Anne Trippe
Publisher: Anne Trippe
ISBN: AnneTrippe3