Unless the Lord Builds the House


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Lois Dick's classic, "Unless the Lord Builds the House", is being updated and reissued.  Pre-order your copy today.

Unless the Lord Builds the House is a practical, Christ-centered book designed for discipleship training. This book came out of the frustration found in the endless quantity of discipleship books explaining how to live the Christian life, but do not get you plugged into the power source: Jesus Christ.

Unless the Lord Builds the House is very versatile and can be used in many different settings including one-on-one, group or individual Bible study, church bible classes, prison ministries, and more.

There are 12 self-paced lessons. The goal is not completing a designated number of pages per week. The goal is understanding and revelation of the Truth. Anticipate the Truth becoming a part of who you are in Christ.

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Author: Lois Dick
Publisher: Exchanged Life Ministries
ISBN: 1578381525